Tuesday-budol. We were made to believe we're supposed to be back to work today but guess what? THE OFFICE WAS EMPTY except for promo, new media, and a few prod people! Didn't know about creatives but... HAYYY KAINIS! Felt so cheated! HAHAHA. OA!

It was a fun day nonetheless, had lunch at Yabu, walked around Vertis North, then got free coffee and merienda (more food???) plus my nakaka-shalang gift from Sir Mico! Hihi.

Went home at around 7pm then continued deleting 2017 photos off my phone. As I'm writing this entry, I'm already transferring July photos. Konti na lang!!! I hope to finish everything tonight but I need to sleep before 12mn -- one of my new year's resolutions that I know I'm going to break. Haha! Stay positive!

Didn't get to "vlog" today but weirdly, two of my friends told me to start doing so. I mean they don't read my blog or anything but they just randomly told me that today. Wala lang, baka it's a sign. HUWAW naman sa sign. Echos lang.

So yeahhhh tomorrow's going to be the actual start of work, soooo booooo.