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#Hello30Project Day 13

Back to work but the whole day, my mind was drifting off to where I'll be going (I am, now) later that night! Hahaha. Prayed that the weather will get better because it has been raining the whole freaking day and I didn't want a bumpy airplane ride (more on that later). Sadly, our trip to the airport was also kinda bumpy because it started raining really, really hard -- which of course, meant traffic all over freaking Manila, which also meant FLOODS everywhere.

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#Hello30Project Day 1

So, the first day of my little baby is quite successful if I may say so myself. I mean, it took me 'til today to edit it -- but editing only took like less than an hour because I already knew what I wanted to include. I even had to remove like 7 clips just to follow the 30-second rule I set on myself! I mean, if it's going to be more than 30 seconds I don't think it can be called the #Hello30Project now, can it? Or maybe it can. We'll see!

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