10 Things I Want for my Birthday

My birthday's coming up in a few days and I just want time to stop for a bit -- what have I done with 28 years of my life? But of course, this is not the time and place to talk about that because I have here material things that I want and plan to ask people to get for me. Hahaha!

  1. Marc Jacobs Snapshot Small Camera Bag: This is the perfect girly but not that girly bag for me. I love going out with just my phone and wallet that I just put it down ANYWHERE but this would be the perfect running errands bag!!!

  2. Fila Disruptor II: I used to have this pair when I was in junior high and I LOVE that it made a comeback -- and with different pretty colors too. I just hate that it's not available here yet and that online sellers are selling it at such a higher price than it originally retails for.

  3. GoPro Hero 6: I N-E-E-D that stabilizer feature.

  4. Final Cut Pro: "Professional" edits for lazy people like me -- and my Adobe Premiere keeps freezing.

  5. Otterbox Symmetry for iPhone X: I don't know how many times I dropped my phone since I got it, so this might just be a necessity.

  6. Joby gorillapod: For my trips because I hate asking other people to take my/our photos. Plus, I can control the framing/settings this way.

  7. Kleen Kanteen 32oz. in Sea Crest: Such a pretty color! And my millennial pink has scratches all over already :( plus, I need a bigger bottle now that I started to love drinking water.

  8. MacBook Pro 2017: I spend most of my time in the office that I sometimes forget to do my homework -- if I had a portable computer then that (probably) wouldn't be problem!

  9. iPad Pro + Apple Pencil: for designing purposes *hihi*

  10. Envato membership: I need unlimited downloads please!!!