Back to Work -- For Real

Work got suspended yesterday because of typhoon Gorio. Lucky, because I didn't have to skip work just so I can do more stuff regarding Lola's passing. I had to go to Makati to process some papers. Can I just say, after my internship in Makati, I vowed never to work there. EVER. No offense to those who do, I just HATE the commute. Seriously. Makati feels really, really far from where I live. I can only go so far as Ortigas. That's my limit.

Walked around Greenbelt and Glorietta after getting the paperwork done. Wanted to eat something good but ended up in McDonalds because... twister fries!!! YAAAAAASSSSSS.

After Makati, boyfriend came over to cook sinigang na hipon! Made my day, really. Though I didn't get to eat much because my stomach was still not in its best state after eating that stupid Korean fire noodles that I was just so curious to try. UGH.

SO! Skip to today -- didn't get to carpool again because I was late. Got to work at around 12nn. Immediately received super good news from my boss! So, so thankful!!! Theeen filed a lot of attendance stuff regarding last week's leave, then attended a block screening to support Milo. Hahaha!

Still in the office now getting some stuff done for Monday's report because I want to laze around this weekend! Okay, back to work.