Back to Reality!

Bringing back what suddenly went missing from this blog — my dailies. I’m an old school blogger, after all.

First day back to work and I already realized that apart from being jet-lagged, I don’t know how to work anymore. Haha! Good thing it’s going to be a pretty chill Q1 for us.

Got to the office, cleaned my desk up. Noticed my toys had pencil drawings on them. I mean, seriously??? This is why I hate being gone for too long, you don’t see what happens with the things you leave on your desk. After mouthing off about it, just chilled in my boss’ office while we were both labelling gifts. I didn’t have pasalubong for everyone because I left it in the USA to be included in the balikbayan box that Uncle’s going to send me. I guess it’s going to be a few months late. Haha. Caught up with my office friends over lunch, and checked our master sheet — EMPTY. Whew, WAY to throw me off the first day back!

First and last meeting of the day was at 3pm, and my computer was kinda acting up. I guess it didn’t like NOT being overworked for a change. It was a pretty free day so decided to leave work early.

Went on a ramen and movie date with the fiancé. I fell asleep the whole movie though. Hahaha! I wonder when my body clock’s gonna start adjusting back to PH time.


I miss SF and my family already.