An Overwhelming Day

The third day of the year was a fruitful one.

Boyfriend drove me to work today cause he didn't have work. The office was quite busy -- first day back yet we had so many things to accomplish and numerous meetings were already set for the rest of the week. I felt so overwhelmed and unprepared for what's to come, I guess my body's still in vacation mode. Two TV shows to be launched and of course the continuous streams of films both local and international -- I already feel like I'm drowning.

It's funny how when it's a new year, you tend to evaluate and check on yourself. One thing I promised myself is that I will try to stop being such a negatron and to control what comes out of my mouth. While being so conscious about those things today, I noticed that I still get a lot of negative thoughts and I easily get so annoyed at little things. I also realised that I sometimes overthink the situation. I slipped a couple times, ranting out loud and "joking" about my thoughts but in reality, it's what I really felt at the time. AH. This is so vague but it's not something I'm proud of therefore I can't specifically tell the story. But one thing I'm proud of though is that I held my tongue when I so badly wanted to rant about something. Instead, I stayed silent and cleared my thoughts and just listened. Whew.

Anyway, if there were any grammar mistakes or typos in this entry, please just let it pass. It's already 11:30 and I need to sleep in half an hour. I also usually don't spell check my dailies. Hehe.

After work, boyfriend and I had korean bbq for dinner. I love having date nights like these. Wish it would happen more often. His work (and mine, admittedly) demands so much of our time and energy we don't get to bond so much anymore. HUHU.

Yey for blogging dailies 3 days in a row!