AdProm Staycation

Doing what we do, we rarely get days and holidays off. We wanted to take advantage of the few days of rest we will get for this year's Holy Week before working again on Black Saturday for the opening of Can't Help Falling In Love. Seeing as we really won't be able to go out of town as a team, we decided to just go on a staycation! (The longer I look at that word, the weirder it gets. Haha!)


The spreaaaaad! Hahahaha puro alak diba! Not in the picture: KFC, Shakeys for dinner. Lels. Sa sobrang gutom (we came from a LOOOOONG day at work), we ate dinner first then waited for the rest of the team to arrive before taking photos!

There are a looot more but these are the most decent ones. Also, let me just add this last photo:

A photo of us taking a groufie. HAHAHA can we get any more vain?