2018 Sunday Currently | #1


Here we are again starting another series of Sunday Currently yet I never get to finish doing ALL Sundays of the year. Tsk tsk tsk. I won't promise I'll definitely finish this year, because I probably won't, but I'll try my best! I even set up alarms on my phone every Sunday. HAHAHA. Fighting! (Too much K-dramas, sorry.)

Taiwan itineraries and travel guides on the net. I just finished our itinerary and I got more excited than I already was now that we have concrete plans! Wheeee!

My best friends and I's 4-day Taiwan itinerary!

To the New Music Friday Philippines playlist on Spotify. This Bruno Mars and Cardi B song sounds so old school I love it.

About the upcoming work week. It's only the beginning of the year yet there's SO MUCH WORK already.

My shampoo bar from Lush.

For this year to be as good (if not better, Lord please) as the last.

Super comfy house clothes.

The honestbee.ph app. I used it today to do my groceries and I can't believe how convenient life is now.

To skip to next next week! The boyfriend's birthday and my Taiwan trip! Yey!!!

More patience.

A little cold. The AC's on full blast and it rained so...

Around YouTube for vlogmas vlogs I missed. Oh, update on the vlogging thing, I realized I can't do it. I get so conscious around the camera now and I don't know what to say! My train of thought goes away and I trail off most times so yeah. Let's see if I can be more natural when I'm hanging around my friends.