A Long but Fulfilling Day

Today deserves a blog post because it was such a LOOOOOOONG day, I dont' remember the last time I've felt this tired.

By 9AM I was already on the road to the office. Our boss was going to pick us up by 9:30 because he scored us some meet & greet passes to Tyler Hoechlin at the AsiaPop Comic Con. Yes, Derek Hale of Teen Wolf. Soooo we were already at SMX by 10:30AM, too giddy and excited about what we're about to do and experience.

Before the actual M&G, there was a short Q&A session, then the actual meet & greet happened! Goodness, I don't even know the last time I've felt this kilig over a celebrity! We were on the 4th row so we had to watch a lot of people take their turns before we could take ours.

Can you see the kilig on my face??? I was so worried I wasn't going to be able to make quick conversation with him because I usually go blank during times like this, but I managed to sneak in a flirtatious response to his usual "how are you?" that kind of got him off guard. Achieved! Awow. Baka kinilig din si ya. HAHA. As I said in my captions, it was the most kilig 1 1/2 minutes of my life.

I'd prefer if he didn't have the beard but he's still a hottie nonetheless. So anyway, the original plan was we were supposed to just wait for JoshLia to come to APCC for their own meet & greet schedule, but instead, we had to go back to ABS for something important. Sooo off to ABS we went. (Take note, we still didn't have lunch at this point. It was already 1PM.)

JoshLia singing Torete on ASAP

JoshLia singing Torete on ASAP

Because of my boss' taxi-driving skills, we were able to catch our promo gap on ASAP. Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto sang the official theme song of Love You to the Stars and Back, Torete. So cute!

After ASAP live, we went on to ASAP Chillout for their Twitter party and a short interview. Then, the two changed for a short interview as well as a guerrilla pictorial for PhilStar Supreme. While all this is happening, inilaban namin ang quick (fast food) lunch. Such a healthy lifestyle diba! It's already 3PM.

Guess what! We have to go back to SMX, AGAIN for JoshLia's spot and meet & greet at the APCC by 4:30PM.

Around an hour later, we're on the road again to Jollibee Biopolis(?) for their bloggers' conference.

hello-mary-08-27 (8 of 12).jpg

Here's Milo with Jollibee! Hahahaha.

After the blogcon (6PM), we're off to Starmall Alabang for the final LIT Road Tour location. 

Oh, you think our day's over? NOT YET! We had to go back to ABS (again) to shoot for some online shows! Yey, more promo more fun! I'm just so thankful that these two are so easy to be with, and the team's such a fun bunch that everything has been so light and happy for the whole promo. Though, ayoko na gawin yung SMX-ABS-SMX-ABS-Alabang-ABS ulit... please. HAHAHAHA!

Photo grabbed from Julia's IG story

Photo grabbed from Julia's IG story

Our premiere's on Tuesday at SM Megamall, so come out if you can! And please watch Love You to the Stars and Back this Wednesday with your whole family and friends!